James Ward, aged 22, was given a 10 month sentence for causing actual bodily harm to his Dad in a fight over a dog. 12 years later James is still in prison after being given a highly controversial Indefinite Imprisonment for Public Protection sentence (IPP) having set fire to the bed in his cell.

VICE follow the lives of April, his distraught sister, who has campaigned tirelessly for his release and the rest of the family in the final 6 weeks before James' possible release date. With previous potential releases failing to materialise, the family are unsure whether they will ever see James out of prison again.

As the family describe what feels like their own sentences waiting for James’ release, VICE learns of the effect that the IPP sentence has had on both the prosecuted and their families. With IPP sentences no longer being used, James is one of the last people to face spending the rest of their life on parole with the threat of jail hanging constantly over them.

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